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The purpose of Church Recording is to detail the contents of a church. If you have an inquiring mind, an interest in history or perhaps in architecture, you may well like to be a member of one of the Church Recording teams in this Area. The activities of the team’s members cover the recording of the various types of church furnishings. Though knowledge of any of them is useful, it is not essential as training is available. It is true to say that computer skills are generally very helpful in recording by individual team members, but for the compilers, who put the whole record together, computer skills are essential.

The team concentrates on one church at a time. The different types of church furnishings - memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, paintings, library, windows & miscellaneous - are recorded item by item, and described in detail with their history researched. Church Recording is not just making an inventory! The more interesting and intricate items are photographed, some like windows sketched, to illustrate the text. As much research as possible is made for each item. The aim is to provide a full description of the church and its contents in recognition of the need to preserve the rich artistic heritage found in places of worship.

With regular meetings of the team at the church, a record obviously takes time, years rather than months. The end result is compiled into the complete record of an illustrated text, all correct as at the time of recording, since churches are affected by changes from repairs, donations and the like. Copies of the final record are given to the V&A Art Library, the Church Buildings Council, the English Heritage Archive, the County Records Office, and of course the recorded Church itself. The Record can be very useful in cases of crime and for insurance matters, as well as being used by church architects and planners. There are currently thirteen active Church Groups in East Anglia. Almost 1700 churches have been recorded nationally, of which 123 are in East Anglia.

If you are interested to join us, or just to see how we work, contact the Suffolk County Church Recording Representative or the Norfolk County Church Recording Representative